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Destination Imagination is a great program for our kids, it's dependent on the support of volunteers to provide much of the programming; Everyone involved in this program such as Coordinators, Team Managers, Coaches and Appraisers are volunteers. Our teams are growing each year, more and more students from different grade join the teams, they choose from different challenges and start working on it and compete from Regional level to State level and even to Global Finals. Your donation will help us on the cost of high level tournament in team registration fees, traveling, rental and materials.

Dear Friends,

We are so proud to say that our boys,
Jacob, Jonah, Alex, Adil and Rahul competed in a world wide educational program "Destination Imagination", the technical challenge competition, their team came in first place in the regional and state finals!

The boys have been working so hard to design, build, test and showcase their solution.
This year's technical challenge is Dig-In it requires the team to design and build equipment to detect objects in their hiding places. Use team designed and built equipment to take the objects out of their hiding places.  Move objects across the finish line. Create and present a story about a technology that detects things a human cannot sense without help. Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.
They also design costumes, create a story related to their equipment. And of course the most fun part: instant challenge to show their team work and critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is so great to see their confidence grow with each successful competition!

So, here's the ask :)

Our boys earned a spot in the Global Finals in Tennessee, but the team has to raise $5,000 so that they can go.

Can you help their team go to Global Finals by making a contribution to their team?

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To donate by check or money order,
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